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Kukulcan | Owned by Kriss
This is my orange cat Kukulcan! He is now a grown up cat but I wanted to share his kitten photo. He is a very cute 5-year old cat, always ready to cuddle. He is my preciousss and I play with him and spend time with him almost whole day (when I am doing something, Kukulcan is always with me). I love him so much that I can't imagine life without him; he is so brave and fragile soul. I bought him in a pet shop; he was one of pile of orange tabby kittens - I am happy I chose him!

Buster | Owned by Gary Bremen
This is my sweet boy Buster. He died 10 weeks ago tomorrow, and I am still devastated. He was 14 when I learned he had kidney failure. With Azodyl twice a day and eventually subQ fluids (first once weekly, then twice...ultimately daily), he lived almost another 4 mostly happy, healthy years. His heart started to give out, and his little body started filling with fluid. I knew in my head it was best to let him go, but my heart still feels like I abandoned him. I'll never forget his perfect pink toes, the freckle on his nose, or the tufts of fur at the tips of his ears that betrayed his true nature as a wildcat. Sleep little buddy, sleep.

Burley | Owned by Danelle
This is our red tabby, Burley, he is a years old and is so lovable. He loves tagging along anywhere we go and loves snuggling and watching tv. We can't imagine life without him.

Timo | Owned by Deborah
This is Timo. He was born on March 18, 2011, and lives - just like his calico sister - with me since late May. He's a big softie, loves people and prefers a cuddle over playtime any time.

Sam and Tigger
Sam and Tigger | Owned by Rose Teske
Since I sent Tommy's picture in a lot has happened. He passed away in November, 2008. Wanting to honor his memory I decided to rescue another cat in his honor as well as help fill the void he left behind. I went on and saw a couple young cats/kittens that a local rescue group had listed for adoption and I made arrangements to go to PetsMart that weekend when they would be at an adoption event. I saw one hiding behind his litter box. I was told that he had been in rescue for a long time because he didn't show well. He seemed frightened and just wanted to hide. I also looked at the other one and he was a young kitten I thought would have a much better chance of finding a home. I decided to adopt the older one. I felt that he just needed time to adjust in a home of his own. Boy was I right. He turned into a loving but bossy boy. A year later I was looking through Petfinder again and there was Tigger, the kitten I hadn't adopted! I contacted them about him and found out that he had been adopted but that he had been returned a couple days later because they decided he didn't fit. Silly people, any real cat owner knows that the humans are the ones who have to adapt. I went and got him too and here are my two handsome boys now. Sam is the one laying down and Tigg is the beautiful golden eyed boy next to him. All they both needed was time to adjust and they got used to my 2 older cats and my dogs. They are wonderful and I highly recommend adopting an adult as long as you are willing to give them time and space to learn to trust you, they are definitely worth it.

Boris | Owned by Bora Ciftci
He was born in Spring of 2008. Mom and sister saved him from the alley and get him to me. I love him and he loves me too. He has a free spirit. And he is the leader of the revolution.Long Live REDS!

Leonitis Permithius Hampton
Leonitis Permithius Hampton | Owned by Ann Hampton
More pics: 1, 2, 3.
Was originally looking for info on how common "blonde" cats were; and found out that my cat is actually a "red tabby". They are so very expressive - is it their features combined with the close-to-human skin tone coloring? Whatever it is, we get so much enjoyment out of our little, adorable, demanding and alpha of the house wanna-be. Leonitis Permithius Hampton let his sister & brother from a bean-field to our front porch, age approx. 5 weeks; half starved, & sick with worms. We made a home for them in our basement, doctored them, got them fixed and fed well, and the plan was to find all three of them homes. Well, when someone came to pick a kitten 3 months later, it broke our hearts, so the other two are residents who rule the entire house now, and who rule our hearts. Leo's sister is a beautiful grey bob-tail. She can at times kick his bottom, as she still has the advantage of her front claws ( much to Leo's chagrin). The only personality trait that is irritating about our Leo is that he is not willing to share his palace with anyone new. When we rescued Leo and his siblings, we had one adult male cat that adapted to them very well; even teaching Leo how to clean himself (we just thought he'd been born with wild,rough hair -turned out he just lacked the instinct/knowledge to clean himself) - anyway, our adult cat "catman hampton" welcomed the newbies into his house. However, Leo is not inclined to show anything other than extreme hostility to anything that walks on four legs who dares try to come into his kingdom. We rescued an older calico last winter, who is living part time in our basment and outdoors now; and she would love to be welcomed into the household, but Leo will have none of it. Attached are the pictures I currently have availabe of our, what we now know to be a red tabby; introducing to the world: Leonitis Permithius Hampton.

Stretch | Owned by Marvin
Here is a pic of my lovely boy Stretch. He's six and weighs almost 14 lbs. He was a stray kitten my sister spotted in her neighborhood off and on for a few months (until he followed her and her 2 dogs home) and then she brought him to us. We couldn't live without him now!

Fanta | Owned by Claudia
This is Fanta, my baby boy red tabby cat.

Yogurt | Owned by Gabbie
I had to beg my parents to get him and people think I'm crazy that I named him Yogurt. He runs around the house like someone stuck a quarter up his butt and he loves to sleep in our dog's cage. He's two and will be three July 1, but he still acts like a baby alot. He loves to cuddle right up on my neck so it's hard for me to breathe and it either means he wants me to wake up or he's hungry. He also eats dog food and itches his butt on the floor like a dog does and he summer salts. Whenever I'm ticked off or if I feel like I need someone to talk to I go to him. He always misses me when I stay at someone's house so I sometimes call and hear him meowing really loud in the background. If you'd like to see more weird/random pictures of him go to this site:

Pakabel | Owned by Meredith
Hi there! I was adding Red Tabbies as an affiliate and remembered this picture of Pakabel, my parents' cat. He was adopted from the local shelter in 2000. He's the most likely of our cat family to be an outside stalker, seeing how fanatical he is about toy feathers and toy birds. Thanks (in advance) for adding him to the gallery! :)

Dennie | Owned by Rob
This is my cat Dennie, he weighs 24lb. He's a great cat.

LaLa | Owned by MaryLou
This is a picture of my best friend. My beautiful girl LaLa. She's loving, playful and very vocal and I don't know how I could make it through a day without her. She loves to be photographed. I must have a least 500 photos of her. She's about three years old. I rescued her from the streets about two years ago. She would come to visit me everyday as soon as I came home from work she would stay a few hours sometimes overnight (I lived in a no pet apartment complex) sometimes even bring me special gifts sometimes scary ones but, I always thanked her. I should say we rescued each other. One day she was waiting for me and she was hurt pretty bad, a gash on her forehead a small part of her ear cut and her tail very crooked. That was the day she moved in it also happened to be the day I was moving and I couldn't leave her so I asked her if she wanted to come and she jumped in my car. I can say she truly is the most loving cat I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my (our) home with. By the way, LaLa means I love you.

Spike | Owned by Gayle
Attached is a picture of my red tabby (otherwise known as Spike). He came to us in April 2007 at 4 months old as a stray and is now one year old. We think he is part Maine Coon. He loves to play in his water and likes to follow me around all over the house. He is very loveable and likes to lay upside down to play with his tail. He loves his toy mouse and any kind of small ball that rolls so he can chase it. He made himself at home with us in about 24 hours and is a great joy to be around.

Weasleby | Owned by Emily
This is my baby, Weasleby, more affectionately referred to as "The Brother". He is 1 and a half years old and is long-haired. He loves chasing feathers, laser pointers, playing with his "sister" Minerva (a grey Maine Coon) and snuggling. He has a sweet little voice and talks to me when I'm home. We rescued him from the shelter and he's grown into a beautiful and well-behaved little man.

George | Owned by Tracy
More pictures of George: 1
George came to us as a three month old stray. He immediately took to me and we named him for the little cartoon monkey, Curious George because he was curious about absolutely everything! He is now a year old and weighs about 15 pounds. He is still just as curious about everything now as he was when he was a wee thing. I am attaching two pictures of him but I have so many. He is so photogenic and he gets along with all of his "brothers and sisters". I belong to him but he is very affectionate with my husband as well. I love all my "kids" but he is something really special!!

Scouty | Owned by Patricia
We just picked up our Beautiful guy today. His name is Scouty and he is 1 years old. He is such a lovable guy and is always out for a good rub. This is our second Red Tabby. I think I am hooked on this breed. What a beautiful breed they are.

Mango | Owned by Bruce
This is my little girl red tabby, Mango. I adopted her as a 3-month old kitten from the "Pets for Life" society here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when she was just 3 months old in January 2005. She was from a litter that had been rescued at just a few weeks of age. As far as I know, female red tabbies are pretty rare -- most red tabbies are male. Mango's full grown at just under 10 lbs but what she lacks in size she makes up for in feistiness and mischief. She's a real sweetheart and quite clever, but she loves to play -- especially hide and seek!

Camron | Owned by Vanessa
More pictures of Camron: 1 | 2
This is my kitty Camron. We found him and his sister outside our house and just adopted him last week. We found his sister a home with a friends. He is the sweetest, loves to be cuddled, and enjoys playing with anything that catches his attention.

Garfield | Owned by Angelika
I adopted Garfield, who is turning 7 months this weekend, from an animal shelter about 5 weeks ago. Both he and his sister had been there for a long time as both lost sight in one eye after a severe infection and now need regular medical treatment. It was love on first sight, he chewed my finger for over an hour and wouldn't leave my side after that. He's a gentle brother to Gwendolina, who lets him feel like he's the boss but secretly gets what she wants anyways. Every morning at 7.30am, my little boy jumps onto my stomach, then keeps banging his head against my nose until I finally wake up to feed him. He is a very social cat and loves to play and cuddle with everyone that comes to visit, but first he always looks at me for approval, after all, he wouldn't want me to get jealous!

Tommy | Owned by Rose Teske
We adopted Tommy when he as about 2 1/2 yrs old at a PetsMart in Mesa, AZ in 1998. He moved in with a 135 lb Golden Retriever/wolf hybrid, 3 Shih Tzus and a Cairn Terrier and settled right in. He is a wonderful boy, just the sweetest most loving cat I have ever had. He was my husband's favorite and since he passed away in 2005 has decided that since mine is the only available lap, it belongs to him, no matter if I am reading or cross stitching HE comes first. He is so sweet I give him what he wants. He has me well trained and loving it!

Jake | Owned by Patricia
I am new to your group and just adopted our beautiful Baby Tabby cat. He is only 4 1/2 months old and his name is Jake. I have always been found of the colors of the Tabby cats, but have always had Siamese so it is nice to finally have my dream come true of owning a Tabby.

Red | Owned by Stacey
Red is almost 2. He showed up in our yard last year after our original red tabby, Rocky, passed away at age 17. Red is wonderful! He is a gentle, sweet boy with amazingly soft fur. He "talks" all the time, is fond of sleeping on his back is well-behaved indoors but a prolific hunter when outside.

Opie | Owned by Juan
This is Opie, a handsome 6 month-old, I adopted him from a local adoption center last week, so far he is adapting very good, he's full of personality, and curiosity, he is an adorable fellow! He sleeps a lot but he always come to me to play or just to lay on my lap while I'm reading or watching TV.

Spikey | Owned by Deborah
Spikey is a beautiful red tabby of 10 years old. We got him from a friend who's cat had a litter. He's really sweet and is quite attached to "his" people and very well behaved for a cat. (he doesn't walk over tables, kitchen sink, try to steal food, etc.) You can also find Spikey on and on my Flicker page.